Floor Heating FAQ

Running Costs

As a simple rule HOTWIRE™ costs approximately 2c per m2 per hour. This is based on Hotwire running at full capacity for 30 minutes while heating and then cycling at 50% of the time following the first 30 minutes.

Is under tile heating safe?

Yes it is, completely. Here is the boring technical information.  All HOTWIRE™ under tile heating elements exceed the requirements of IEC800 standard for heating cables. We recommend the installation of a Residual Current Device. The element is silent and there are no odours. We use the latest technology in the manufacture of HOTWIRE™ elements. The element is insulated with two layers of PTFE Teflon for added safety and protection. The Earth is a full copper braided screen. The heating wire is multi strand, which provides flexibility and durability.

Do under tile heating systems require any maintenance?

No. HOTWIRE™ is a maintenance free heating system. There are no heating ducts or filters to clean and the heating element does not have any moving parts to replace or overhaul. Be sure to consult with your installer to determine cable location prior to drilling. We recommend alternative to drilling holes in the tile for doorstops and other fixtures.

How is the cable installed?

The heating cable is installed directly under the tiles. For bathrooms the cable is positioned between the tiler’s screed and the tile. By having the cable immediately below the tile you have a very responsive heating system. The cable is laid at approximately 60mm spacing and this provides 150 watts per square metre and even flow of temperature. The cable is connected to a thermostat and timer so you program and automate the system to suit your lifestyle.

In most circumstances the cable is protected by self-levelling screed.

What is on-demand heating?

Traditional floor heating systems are based on an in slab electric element whereby the heat is stored in the slab. On demand heating means you control the heat when you want it, thus resulting in a far more efficient and convenient heating application.

Can I install it myself?

In some states part installation can be done by a competent home handyman. However like anything it is easier if you have done it before and we recommend using our network of qualified installers.

How long does it take to heat the room?

The timer will switch the element on and the tiles will heat up within 20 minutes. The room will be warm within 30 -60 minutes depending on the design, ceiling height, and insulation standards.

Is supplementary heating required?

No, provided that the HOTWIRE™ system is installed correctly and the room is well insulated. Where an existing heating system is in place, the HOTWIRE™ system can be used as background heating and keeps your tiles warm under feet.

What is the Warranty?

There is a 10 Year manufacturer’s warranty on the heating cable and a 2-year warranty on the thermostat/timer.

Will Hotwire crack the tiles?

If installed correctly Hotwire will not damage the tiles or grout in any way. In fact some of our largest customers Australia wide are Tile retailers.

Can Hotwire be Installed under carpet or wooden flooring?

Yes it can. You will just to check the manufacturers specifications of the product you are using.