Help I don't know which floor heating product I need!

Help me choose!

Hi, if you landed here, you know you want Under Floor Heating but you are not sure which one. No problems we can help. 


We offer 3 types of floor heating. 

1) Under Tile Heating (loose wire) 

Under Tile Heating is amazing. "Loose Wire" means it is wire on a reel. You basically spread the element around the room and make it fit any shape you like. As the element is installed on top of the floor you get a really quick heat up time. Normally around an hour. 

There are quite a few videos on the Hotwire YouTube channel so click here if you want to check them out. 

Hotwire Under Tile Heating Installation

2) Under Tile Heating Mats

The heating mats are under tile like the loose wire but the element is already fixed to a fibreglass mesh. The makes it easier to install but can mean you can't quite cover the whole floor. 

Hotwire Under Tile Heating Mats

 3) In Screed Heating

If you are installing a sand and cement screed this may be a great option for you. The heating is installed under the screed. It does take longer to heat up but is easier in the building process. 

There you go! Just choose which product is right for you and click through!

Or if you still need help send us an email to and we will get right back to you.