Our Brands


Put simply they are just the best around. If you look at the stores that stock their product they are the biggest and the best in their fields. These sorts of companies don't stock a product if it doesn't meet the grade. Companies like Bunnings and Beaumont Tiles sell Hotwire. Hotwire has even been featured on The Block, House Rules and numerous other TV shows.  

Hotwire were the first and the time of writing, the only, floor heating company in the country to have a thermostat that integrates with Google Home. It is that kind of market leader that we wanted to be associated with. 


Thermofilm has been manufacturing innovative, stylish and energy efficient products for more than 30 years, and the range is currently supplied to residential, commercial and institutional markets, both in Australia and around the world. Products include the award winning Heatstrip outdoor heaters, Bliss electric and gas heaters, energy saving timer switches and CROSSRAY BBQ’s.



Cat Mobile Phones

Cat mobile phones are tradie tough, some models have Thermal Imaging built in. All are made for the rigours of tradie life.