Towel Rail FAQ

What’s so special about Hotwire Towel Rails?

Hotwire Towel Rails are “Easy Fix”, (except the V2 and FS7) They are quite simply the easiest towel rails in the market to install. They are also the most secure after installation. This saves you money on installation and makes your bathroom safer. See the video on the videos page to see just how easy “Easy Fix” is to install.

What will my Hotwire Heated Towel Rail cost to run?

This obviously depends on your electricity tariff and how long you run your towel rail. However, in most places in Australia, you would not expect to pay more than 1-2 cents per hour. Most are around the same cost as a light globe.

How are Hotwire Heated Towel Rails constructed?

All our heated towel rails are made from solid stainless steel and are not chrome plated.

How do I connect my Hotwire Heated Towel Rail?

There are several ways to connect your Hotwire Heated Towel Rail:

1) All of our rails include a concealed wiring adaptor. This enables you to connect your towel rail with no visible wires.

2) All of our rails are fitted with a plug and can simply be plugged into a power point.

3) You can connect a 24 hour timer to control when it is switched on and off.

How do I install my Hotwire Heated Towel Rail?

Installation instructions are included in the package. You will need to get an Electrician to complete the installation for you if you are concealing the power cable. See the video on the home page to see how Hotwire Towel Rails are connected.

Can I install my Hotwire Towel Rail over my Bath or inside my Shower?


Will my towel rail heat my bathroom?

Hotwire Heated Towel rails are not designed to be room heaters. We recommend Hotwire Floor Heating for your Bathroom heating requirements. See the floor heating tab for further information.

Can I put my Hotwire Heated Towel on a timer?

Yes, you can. We offer a fully programmable 24 hour timer. We also have a Dual thermostat that will run your Hotwire floor heating and your Hotwire Towel rail.