Hotwire Under Floor Heating Kit Mat
	Floor Heating Integration with the Google Home System
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Floor Heating System 5 m2 INC THERMOSTAT

Floor Heating System 5 m2 INC THERMOSTAT

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The 5 m2 (or 750 watts) Hotwire Floor Heating mat is ideal for heating smaller rooms like bathrooms, laundries, mud rooms or even kitchens. It is very easy to install as you simply run the mat out across the floor. 

The mat is designed to be installed immediately under your tiles. It is often referred to as Under Tile Heating. It offers a quick heat-up time of normally less than an hour. As the heating element is only 4mm thick it really doesn't add to your floor height as the element is absorbed into the tile glue.

With our fully programmable touch screen thermostat, you can program the heating around your lifestyle. You can even upgrade to our WiFi Thermostat that can be operated using Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Hotwire is the only floor heating company in Australia to have a thermostat with this technology. 

Imagine that! "Hey Google Turn on my floor heating". There are quite a few videos showing this working on the Hotwire Heating YouTube channel, so head over there to see it working. The mobile app is easy to use and adds even more luxury to what is already a great product. 

You can download the installation manual here.